Creating a new vision for childcare

In an effort to apply what we do to larger issues, TVE explored how to create an inspiring vision for childcare. We engaged a panel of experts – in categories ranging from innovation, creativity, organizational development and research – to get their thinking on must-win battles along the pathway toward that vision.

We opened the panel by discussing the top childcare challenges that parents face. The answers were surprising and powerful – ranging from perceptions of new parents in the workplace, the “invisible” hard work moms don’t often talk about, differences in US and UK maternity leave (and accompanying expectations), and the challenges new fathers experience.

We then explored companies that take the gold standard in childcare. A clear theme emerged – whether through co-working spaces or on-site daycare, more companies are finding ways for parents and kids to stay together during the workday.

Ahead of the panel, we ran a digital ideation session to crowdsource ideas on transforming childcare. See the output of that ideation here. In this section, our experts weigh in on the most promising territories and create some interesting new ones. Topics include strengthening community, tackling micro-moments of change when returning to work, and radically flexible work hours.

Categories: Brands & Branding

BY ENGINEER Irina Ikonsky