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The world around us is changing. Markets are evolving with multiple audiences, channels and regions driving increasing complexity. New challenges arise every day.  To grow, we need to tackle this complexity head-on, to embrace it, and to actively seek out opportunities. Traditional marketing tools and brand strategies no longer deliver.

It’s time for a new set of tools. Our tools and processes are designed to master complexity, to unlock potential and to drive growth.

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Segmentation – A Fresh Cut

The Segmentation of your customers and consumers should be a powerful marketing tool, not a lofty ideal. We can show you how to get the most actionable insights from your profiles, to improve your targeting.

Sell More Stuff

Markets and consumers never stand still – they are dynamic, complex and rapidly evolving. To succeed and flourish, brands must find innovative approaches to the best propositions that resonate with their key audience segments.

What is a Brand

How do people connect with brands, emotionally and metaphorically?  How should we define a brand and what are the origins of this concept? We explore the history and evolution of branding and why it matters.

What Next Where Next

Planning for the future is never easy, nothing is certain in an ever-changing world. We can help you develop robust volumetric sizing estimates based on analysis of the here and now and possible future scenarios.


Inspiring Innovation
by Giles Lury


The Prisoner And The Penguin by Giles Lury


How Coca Cola Took Over The World by Giles Lury


The Marketing Complex
by Giles Lury