Is the Apple Watch a health product or a tech product?

What about Fitbit?

A simple questions but not necessarily a simple answer.

They are clearly the product of clever technology but they deliver soft health benefits.

However their full potential is far from being fulfilled.

Think of the iPod before iTunes.

What will a true health platform end up looking like on devices such as these?

How long before we see an iDoctor?

With on-line sales of OTC products, vitamins and supplements?

Subscription health and wellness fitness courses.

Online diagnosis and online prescriptions.

All combined and all in one place, no need to book an appointment.

Will it be a health company or a tech company that cracks it?

Another simple question with perhaps a clearer answer.

Health companies have the expertise but are notoriously cautious.

Tech companies have the right-mind set and can-do approach.

The App Store generates $11 billion dollars in revenue for Apple.

I know who I would bet on.

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BY ENGINEER Paul Gaskell