Marks & Spencer


In a bid to increase M&S’s relevance within activewear, M&S had launched a single new activewear range – ‘Goodmove’. Our task was to evaluate the potential of the Goodmove range to make M&S an activewear destination, and to assess its impact on broader style and innovation perceptions of M&S.


Our evaluative ‘rail raids’ comprised of two stages: a deep-dive product and range review and an in-store branded experience. This enabled us to get to the heart of the Goodmove range and understand whether it was making M&S an activewear destination, as well as hitting the intended style and innovation markers.


Our process gave significant understanding as to what style and innovation mean within the context of activewear, particularly for M&S, as well as what success looks like for Goodmove, beyond sales. Our process how now been rolled out for use on multiple ranges & sub-brands.

By: Joyce Esser

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