McDonald’s had invested heavily in overhauling their operations to reduce food waste and deliver fresher food. However, the benefits of these changes just weren’t visible to customers. There was a need to not only optimise the new customer journey to maintain excellence on McDonald’s KPIs, but also identify opportunities to translate these operational changes into improved perceptions and deeper customer engagement.


We conducted a full review of the customer journey through qualitative research, in which we identified that certain touchpoints were key to reassure customers and communicate key benefits. From entering the store to enjoying the food, via digital ordering and table service, we mapped the new customer journey with recommendations on when and how to play up the new features.


McDonald’s used our insights and recommendations to optimise the customer journey in order to drive success and boost food quality perceptions. These changes have proved so successful that McDonald’s rolled them out across their entire estate: from customisation at the digital kiosks, through to open kitchen layouts that enable customers to see the crew at work. The power of these changes are felt in every McDonald’s restaurant in the UK!

By: Joyce Esser

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