Innovating with the old: The Aussie Direct Story

One of our favourite ‘best things since sliced bread’ posts

Next week, our very own Giles Lury will be taking to the stage at Marketing Week Live ahead of the launch of his new book “Inspiring Innovation”. To get us in the mood, we’ve been revisiting some of favourite innovations old & new from our Best Thing Since Sliced Bread blog series.

The idea of home deliveries for food and drink is nothing new. The milkman has provided customers with fresh produce in a convenient manner for centuries and – with a few necessary adaptions – it is this model that many modern brands have brought revitalised and used as the basis for their offer. There is a food box service for everything from meaty muscle fuel to vegan starter kits, but after searching far and wide, we and found our favourite brand in Australia.

Aussie Farmers Direct (AFD) combine fresh, quality products with straight-to-your-doorstep delivery like all other food box services, but what sets this brand apart from competitors is the purpose behind this innovation. As their name so aptly suggests, all food and drink from Aussie Framers Direct comes direct from Aussie farmers. They noticed that large supermarket chains have a huge amount of power in Australia and many of their goods are imported from overseas meaning that hard-working, and often small-scale, farmers were not getting the attention they deserved. AFD appreciate that it is these types of businesses that are keep the Australian economy ticking, and it is these types of farmers that often have produce the highest quality goods.

And the customer truly feels the difference. On the “Our Farmers” section of the AFD website, customers can view a profile of the farmers and a video of the farms used so they know the exact provenance of the goods they are eating. Their sense of community goes beyond supporting the farmers as shown through the Aussie Farmer Foundation that raises money for organisations working with communities to make a difference to their wellbeing; they are supporting country Australia.

“When you shop with Aussie Farmers Direct, you get to make a conscious vote with your mouse button.”

And as it turns out, consumers can’t get enough of it, with over 130,000 Australians using AFD’s service.

Key learning: innovation can occur through revitalising an age old model and giving it some purpose

By: Susannah Cohen

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