Heineken Desperados


In 2014, TVE worked with Desperados to use global insight to define the “partyscape” and identify opportunities to turn Desperados into THE iconic global party brand. In 2017 they asked us to build on our previous work to see how the partyscape has changed in the past 4 years and what opportunities new developments could offer the brand.


Through a combination of online consumer “party diaries”, interviews with party experts and cultural cartography we were able to build an understanding of the broader cultural context of partying. This was then used to inform two potential creative platforms for the brand which were tested with consumers to identify winning opportunities for Desperados.


The project culminated in briefing Desperados’ global communications & creative agencies, providing them with insights and strategy to deliver the brand’s marketing plan. Desperados went on to win a hat-trick of awards for their Skyfest activation at Campaign Event Awards 2018, taking home Grand Prix, Game Changer and Best Brand Experience.

By: Joyce Esser

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