Berghaus wanted a more vibrant, distinctive and effective brand positioning. Awareness of the brand was high and trust had been carefully built over time. However the market is crowded and differentiation is tough even for a brand with such a strong innovation heritage.

Berghaus wanted to take a new path and transform the brand into a compelling consumer proposition that was full of vitality, meaning, relevance and distinctiveness. We partnered with Berghaus to build a new positioning that was strategically rigorous, intrinsically compelling and rich in communication ideas. We used semiotic analysis, consumer discussion groups and online forums to generate insights that would identify the most fruitful position for the Berghaus brand moving forward. We engaged stakeholders, explored the brand’s heritage, and undertook deep-dives with customers to fully understand current perceptions of the brand and how it could develop successfully.

The Value Engineers identified a strong positioning for Berghaus that brought together a love of the outdoors with the real benefits of product quality.

By: Joyce Esser

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