In 2016, Berghaus approached us for help with breathing a new lease of life into their brand. In an increasingly competitive market with everyone from Aldi to Adidas entering the outdoor game, awareness had fallen year on year and they found themselves occupying an increasingly functional space in consumers’ minds…a “consistent and reliable brand” rather than a “stylish” or “trendsetting” one.


We used semiotic analysis, consumer discussion groups and online forums to generate insights that would identify the most fruitful position for the Berghaus brand moving forward. We engaged stakeholders, explored the brand’s heritage, and undertook deep-dives with customers to fully understand current perceptions of the brand and how it could develop successfully.


We developed a vibrant, distinctive and effective new brand positioning, able to hold its own in the increasingly crowded outdoor market. The influence of this work is beginning to be seen in the brand website and communications.

By: Joyce Esser

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