3M needed to identify propositions that would convey the value and benefits of a new range of premium medical products in order to justify their price point and differentiate from cheaper alternatives and ‘me-too’ offerings. Their traditional approach to concept testing gave poor real market validity and they wanted a better alternative.


We developed our ‘Props with Punch’ process to provide a better understanding of the strength of propositions, and how to enhance and sharpen the message. By pitting propositions head-to-head against the market leaders, the results are more reflective of a real-life context and better account for all of the potential purchase drivers allowing us to quantify actual market appeal.


TVE optimised 3M innovation roll-out by identifying real purchase drivers. Concept testing and launch was revolutionised and has been replicated across business units in 10 countries. By better understanding the customer, their needs and perceptions of the brands, 3M could tailor their propositions to be more appealing, and create communications that were compelling, relevant and differentiating.

By: Joyce Esser

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