Virus Tracking App helping the NHS – developed by King’s College London

An app that tracks the symptoms of Covid-19 in the UK has become one of the most popular downloads. Its creators aim to deliver insights into why some people get the disease more severely than others. They also hope to create a map showing where outbreaks are happening and help distinguish cases from those of the common cold.

Created in just three days by researchers at King’s College London university and Guy’s and St Thomas’ hospitals, in conjunction with the nutrition advice start-up Zoe, it has already reached 750,000 downloads and, according to its developers, is being installed at a rate of 50,000 times an hour.

The aim of the app is to help slow the outbreak, by helping researchers identify:

  • How fast the virus is spreading in your area
  • High-risk areas in the country
  • Who is most at risk, by better understanding symptoms linked to underlying health conditions

The app is used by healthy people everyday (to report they are still healthy and to show when this changes in an area) and by those with symptoms to show when and how these symptoms manifest.

The more people that use the app, the better the data, so please download and join in.

Please spread the use of this app faster than the virus. STAY AT HOME AND SAVE LIVES. Thank you.

You can find the App here

More information and details from King’s

The Value Engineers are proud to work with King’s on many initiatives, including the launch of their new TEDI design‑led engineering higher education provider founded by King’s College London, with Arizona State University, and UNSW Sydney. 

By: Simon Stokes

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