Thinking BIG, playing small – Minecraft tops 100 MM players

Minecraft continues to build on the blocks of its creative heartland, announcing that it now has over 110 million active players per month, a phenomenal achievement for the phenomenon.

Whilst Fortnite Battle Royale continues to lead charge of its own, with an estimated 250 million players globally and a hugely successful esports World Cup event, how long before these events have a larger audience than Football, Rugby and other sports World Cups? Not as long as you think, I’d imagine.

But what is most to be admired, perhaps, about Minecraft’s success is the creativity of the platform – the game means many different things to many different players – as wild as your imagination, topped with cognitive and creative skills development. There is an art and a craft to players’ passionate engagement with Minecraft, spawning memes, clones and a ton of merchandise, making it the most successful “casual” (questionable) game on the planet.

Even teachers love it, using it as a key learning tool in the classroom and getting children across the globe working together.

Minecraft is hugely engaging, and part of that success is the goal-less gameplay – just immerse yourself and see where it takes you.

Building the future, one block at a time.

By: Simon Stokes

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