TEDI is a new university created with the goal of recruiting and creating a new type of engineer, focussed on delivering real-world solutions. The new university is the brainchild of a collaboration across three continents involving King’s College London, Arizona State University, and UNSW Sydney. The resultant strategy, university proposition, and research led by TVE has brought this collaborative new university idea to fruition… alongside some great design by Rose Design.

TEDI opened its new campus in Canada Water, East London in September 2021 with a mission to ‘empower individuals and partners from diverse backgrounds and perspectives to develop the skills and confidence to create practical, Real-World solutions that advance how we live as a global community.

We can’t wait to see and hopefully be involved with this important global initiative to develop a new and different type of engineer, prepped and ready to take on the global challenges that are impacting our world and lives.

By: The Value Engineers

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