Giving the employees and management team a revised sense of pride in what it means to be Icelandic and represent Iceland. What makes Iceland unique and interesting and reflected in the company values, proposition, and employee behaviours. Giving flight crew the freedom and confidence to act on their instincts and provide a thoughtful, generous, and differentially better style of service. Segmenting passenger types to enable different pricing and benefit offers to be developed for different types of passengers. Developing a fresh new identity to unite the airline and present refreshed offer and service to the World. Working with the Board of Directors and Department Heads to create a new, unifying vision for the company… resulting in a new Livery/Identity and Employee Value Proposition

“We have collaborated with TVE over several years. Their strategic leadership on our company Vision, Mission and Values was invaluable as has their work on Segmentation and helping us better understand our different audiences and refocus our priority routes, cabin experience and subsequent business strategy/pricing. We’re looking forward to the partnership flourishing over the years ahead.”


Gísli Brynjólfsson


By: Joyce Esser

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