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How Milk&More went from zero to hero by looking beyond sector norms

Is there really such a thing as ‘FMCG’ anymore? We believe that those FMCG brands that are going to see success in the long run are those that can see beyond their sector. As the boundaries between health, tech, and FMCG become increasingly blurry, and as FMCG reduces its dependency on retailers by developing in B2C, we’re tapping into our expertise across sectors to explore how brands can innovate and change the game more rapidly, with better joined up thinking. It’s time to ask yourself if being single minded is making you narrow minded…Can FMCG really win on its own? Click here to read the other blogs in this series.

The first blog in this series is one that is particularly close to our hearts, and one that feels more relevant than ever as the UK shuts itself away for the foreseeable future…

At the beginning of this year the news came out that home delivery milk company Milk&More is in growth for the first time in over 40 years, and the majority of the reporting has put their new found success down to good timing, good luck, and good old David Attenborough.

Of course, all of these things are true, with the consumer shift away from plastic (thank you David) as well as a general move towards more sustainable, local choices, the scene was set for Milk&More to cash in… but having worked with Milk&More on their brand and strategy, and seen things from the inside, we can safely say it takes more than just being in the right place at the right time. A large part of Milk&More reversing their downward trend comes from a shift in mindset: from viewing themselves as a FMCG milk business, to looking beyond that to see themselves as a tech business, a D2C company and a retailer.

We worked with Milk&More to redefine themselves from “the milkman” to “the farmshop, delivered”; growing the focus from just the product, to include the full 360 service, recognising that with that came the requirement to move their business online and deliver a best in class tech offering, to match a best in class product offering. Without this shift in thinking, the good timing would have come to nothing. This new mindset has opened up new opportunities for Milk&More, as they find themselves in a whole new world of closed loop delivery, with new potential competitors (or partners) popping up in the form of businesses like The Loop .

As the world locks down, this story feels more topical than ever, with small business and FMCG companies rushing to adapt their offer to keep going in a world where non-essential contact is off-limits. How many FMCG brands will be able to look beyond their sector for success, and how many will we lose?

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By: Susannah Cohen

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