Hey CES, show us the future of gadgets and technology

2019’s tour into the wonderful world of new technology, from AI to 5G

Roll up, roll up… the hi-tech, neon-lit, bass-drumming circus is in town.

CES kicks off, with no apologies for brash overclaims and scant regard for New Year’s Resolutions – “This year really IS going to be the best ever!”

From lightning fast 5G driving zero-lag Internet of Things dialogues; from 8k OLED TVs booming through hyper-slick soundbars; to Robots rushing around your AI-driven Smart Homes, the future is right here, nearly right now.

But let’s cut through the hype and find the real nuggets being dug out of the Nevada desert.

Each day we will bring you the best of (and skip over the ruins of the worst of) CES, from Las Vegas.  We aim to filter the micro-upgrades from the game-changers.

So, come on CES – give us your best shot.

By: Simon Stokes

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