Hats Off to Marvel

Does not contain spoilers**

Infinity War was supposed to be the end.

Far from it. Instead we’ve been met with a release slate and set of release dates out as far as 2022. Beyond the movies we are already expecting such as Antman & Wasp, Captain Marvel, and Avengers 4 (currently unnamed so as to not give any spoilers) they have given release dates for not one, not two, but nine untitled Marvel Movies.

Whilst many brands and companies are struggling to determine a content release, or marketing strategy plan for the next six months, here we have a brand creating enough content (with many series planned alongside the key MCU Movies) to make them millions and continue to heighten brand affinity for years to come.

They’ve taken multiple story lines, multiple brands and multiple channels, and aligned all of this into one coherent strategy – and a marvellous one at that (excuse the pun)!

Having extended their release over three phases so far, and now having released their dates for a fourth, this is a pipeline to be jealous of.

What can we learn from this?

  • When it comes to strategy, think big, and don’t be scared to change it
  • Don’t settle for a niche target audience, Marvel went from niche audience to a catch all brand with something for everyone
  • Keep your brand culturally relevant; stay agile


By: Sam Barton

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