Flavourful Futures: The brands satisfying the UK’s desires for innovative flavours

Consumer’s palettes are expanding quicker than ever in the UK.  Here’s a roundup of interesting new flavour trends we’ve been seeing recently. Fortunately, a range of brands have begun to respond to this. Here are some of our favourite flavour innovations:

  • Proper Corn Flavours: The brand known for moving popcorn away from just sweet or salted have launched a new range of popcorn mixers to enhance their existing range. With products including coconut flakes and dark chocolate, the brand is continuing to push the flavour options available in healthy snacking, meeting a desire for interesting textures and tastes which cannot be done with traditional popcorn seasoning.
  • Eat Real: Having launched already interesting hummus, quinoa and lentil chips to the UK market, the brand is stepping it up further with a new range of flavours. A new range of options including Mediterranean Quinoa, Mango and Mint, and Chilli Cheese. Debbie King, director of commercial Sales and Marketing for the brand says these have been released to meet ‘the growing demand for bolder flavours’ from consumers.
  • The Marshmallowist: The gourmet marshmallow brand launched five new ‘experimental’ flavours over summer, including Blueberry & Gin, Passionfruit & Ginger, and Tomato & Vodka to coincide with their launch in John Lewis. These flavours not only hook consumer’s curiosity, but justify a higher price point.
  • Avocado oil crisps: Kettle have recently launched a new range of chips cooked in Avocado oil, allowing the brand to play with flavours which wouldn’t normally work with the salted snack. The new range includes Chilli Lime and Tropical Salsa offering a lighter, zestier take on a traditionally heavy snack in a market continuing to be impacted by health concerns.
By: The Value Engineers

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