Bundle the Bundle Part 2: Go Binge with Three

In our Bundle the Bundles Part 1, we looked at how bundling bundles could offer a seamless and appealing experience to the customer, while also giving a brand complete ownership of the customer journey.

In this blog we will be looking at the bundling going on in the telecoms and mobile network sector, and if it’s the same story.

Unlike in most conversations between marketers today, there is one industry where data is still considered scarce, or a commodity, and that’s in the world of telecoms and mobile packages.

Although, in this case data means something else, and it’s expensive; how many people have you heard of being caught out by unforeseen roaming charges, or an unexpected bill after living without Wifi for a week (yes, some people still have to go through this). Unsurprisingly, it seems there is one key trend which is leading this splurging of data allowance – streaming.

This problem didn’t go unnoticed by Three. Three conducted a huge survey to understand consumers mobile streaming and viewing habits. 54% of people worried about using up their mobile data when streaming content. Hence Three’s ‘Go Binge’ proposition.

With Go Binge you can stream unlimited content from Netflix, Apple Music, Deezer, TVPlayer, SoundCloud and even Snapchat (a very important and compelling addition for younger generations).

This is quite an impressive bundle. Whilst we have spoken about Netflix’s brand partnerships before this new bundling of the bundles into one proposition from Three feels different and more extensive. Instead of a standard two-brand partnership this particular case sees Three, as with Sky in our Part 1 blog, as an umbrella network provider facilitating consumers to use other streaming bundles and brands, where the only obvious winner is the consumer.

Providing this ecosystem for new technology and brands under one roof, seems like the perfect role for telecoms providers in the future, where once mobile networks were known for communicating speed and updated tech, Go Binge perfectly communicates a consumer-first, consumer-winning brand partnership and bundle service built out from consumer insight.

While bundling the bundles clearly offers benefits to both consumers and the umbrella brands, brands should not be too hasty and simply soak up as many bundles as possible in a race to offer everything; consumer insight is crucial in finding the winning bundle.

By: Sam Barton

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