Beat The Heat: The four brands winning the summer heatwave

I know you’ve heard it 1000 times, but it has been quite a hot summer. While some brands have been sweltering in the heat, some have succeeded. Here are our 4 top picks for the brands who have ridden the heatwave right to the top.

      1. Fortnum & Mason’s Champagne Pops:

Fortnum’s helped its followers beat the heat in the only way they really knew; offering discounts on their Champagne pops. An excellent execution that is incredibly well fitting to the brand’s indulgence in summer.

      2. Aperol: 

Some might have been surprised to see Aperol dubbed the “new” drink of the summer given that this is a drink that’s been an Italian staple for years. But this year a considerable marketing cash injection from parent company Campari has lined up beautifully with the hot weather. From Instagrammable “Aperol canals” to pop stands in choice locations, the Aperol Spritz has cemented its position as the drink of summer 2018.

      3. Tesco:

Tesco’s ability to tactically play to the weather through communications has been excellent all summer. A particularly great example is nudging people into online shopping through giving context to their points of differentiation. Using same day delivery to organise a spontaneous BBQ for the weekend? A genius call to action indeed.

      4. Ugly Drinks:

The plucky upstart Ugly have recently announced distribution in Sainsbury’s across the UK. This is the first time the brand have reached the single pack chilled section of a big supermarket and will open them up to a whole new audience tempted to try a can, empowered by an increasing desire for water based drinks in the hot weather.

These brands have been using forms of innovation of all shapes and sizes to beat the heat this year. For more information on how The Value Engineers can offer a range of different innovation projects please get in touch with EMAIL.

By: The Value Engineers

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