What do engine oil, baby food and personal investments have in common?

You would be right in thinking that the answer is not a lot, but there is one link: they are all projects I have worked on over the last eight weeks.
Life at TVE is fast paced and diverse and, as cliché as it sounds, no two days are the same. I was working simultaneously on projects spanning not only different sectors but also different continents. I asked for a broad experience and I got it…Over the course of my internship I worked with almost everyone in the office on projects that varied from brand strategy in Premium FMCG to research projects in gaming and technology.

Working alongside the TVE team as well as interacting with clients has been an invaluable experience and it is something I have thoroughly enjoyed. Client projects were what I had been expecting when I applied for the role but what was new to me were the internal and new business aspects of the job. I joined the Health sector team not really knowing what to expect but from our very first meeting in the local coffee shop I knew it was going to be exciting.
In fact it turned out to be a highlight of my internship as it allowed me to really contribute in the creation of TVE UK’s unique health offering and IP.

I’ve learned a great deal about the world of brand consultancy this summer (as well as becoming an expert in the finer details of PowerPoint!). TVE has been a fantastic experience and I would encourage anyone with an interest in branding and strategy to apply. The opportunity of thinking creatively and analytically as part of a fantastic team, where your opinions and your input do matter, is rare. I would like to thank TVE for that opportunity and I look forward to utilising the skills I’ve learned this summer in the future.

By: The Value Engineers

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