Welcome Claire Leapman

My decision to join The Value Engineers was fuelled by a desire to harness my strategic skills in ways which add more value to brands, businesses, and – as a result – the daily lives of consumers.

During my final year of university, Instagram launched its story feature. I wrote my dissertation on the concept of “real-time digital storytelling”, and how the story feature allows its users to engage with the world and communicate with each other in new, visual and transient ways, and most importantly, with a mediated audience in mind. It became clear that posting an Instagram story was motivated by the desire to connect and feel part of something bigger.

it was this very concept of connecting through technology that led me to start my career in media and communications. I joined the PepsiCo team at a global media agency, where I immersed myself in the world of FMCG and learned a great deal about how big global brands activate and execute media, brand, and creative strategies.

But it was insights & strategy which really made me tick

I then moved into the world of insights and joined a fast-growing market research technology start-up, whose app-based platform opened my eyes to the ways in which consumers behave “in the moment”, revealing that the things that people say and do often don’t match up, such as eating healthily and acting eco-conscious.

I’m looking forward to my next journey here; getting stuck in and driving success for TVE’s exciting range of clients. Reflecting on these first few weeks, I’m so grateful to be joining such a kind and vibrant team, who always seem to go the extra mile in making me feel welcome.


By: Joyce Esser

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