Welcome Becky Grottick

As part of my languages degree, I spent a year living abroad in sunny Seville and trendy Paris, during which I became captivated by the nuance of culture. I found the variation in human behaviours, norms, and even linguistic rules across countries to be fascinating.

This curiosity, combined with a love of meeting and communicating with new people (some might say too much), led me to the world of market research stroke consultancy. Mid-pandemic, following a failed attempt to travel,  I joined a global market research company, as part of their trends and futures team. During this time, I worked with brands, charities, and businesses to determine trends in or the future of a number of different sectors and industries, from children’s play to accessibility in the workplace. Whilst I loved researching every topic under the sun and speaking with all sorts of different people, I felt that I wanted to dig deeper; what does change signal? How should brands react? How can they inspire change for the better? How can research be used to incite action?

Then I discovered The Value Engineers, who are all about building the brands that drive change – perfect right? My first month here has been great (both the vast array of engaging projects and the extensive snack supply in the office), and I’m looking forward to further developing in such a supportive and friendly environment.


By: Joyce Esser

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