Welcome Alan Clark

I never expected to work as a consultant, but The Value Engineers is a natural fit for me, and I couldn’t be more excited to be part of the team here.

I grew up in research, but I live in strategy.

I’ve spent most of my career to date working in-house with amazing product, marketing, and strategy teams at Facebook and Stripe. I’m deeply rooted in the world of mixed-methods insights – blending qualitative and quantitative research with regular forays into big data and synthesis. This has helped me guide a number of consumer-facing products and transformational internal programs from ‘0 to 1’ (inception to launch), and cover topics ranging from the core of social identity and influence, to dating, to travel, to entrepreneurship, to the needs of software developers.

I love helping leaders figure out how to make the right bets for their customers, their organization, and their brand.  I’m at my best when I’m not just answering the questions that keep them up at night, but also helping them change the way their teams think, learn, and measure success.

I’m an explorer.

At work, this means always trying new methods and approaches, and being creative about what the best solutions really are.  Sometimes this has involved creating a program of segmentation or new product strategy from the ground up; sometimes it has involved a rotation as a data scientist (equal parts analyst, detective, and storyteller); and sometimes it has involved interviewing college students at a nightclub and taking notes by strobe light. Figuring out how to tackle a completely new topic or problem is genuinely fun for me.

Outside of work, I love improvising and experimenting in the kitchen; taking urban hikes around my adopted hometown of San Francisco; following soccer/football with the zeal of the converted; love international travel (and have desperately missed it for the last year); am a bit of a sucker for the latest and greatest gadgets; and am a connoisseur of all sorts of video gaming experiences. I also have three adorable oddball cats who regularly make unplanned appearances during my meetings.

By: Alan Clark

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