TVE Welcomes Dan Abu

Aged 22 and I’d retired. I’d had a great time at school and university, but at some point everyone has to hang up their boots for pastures new, right? But what would they be? Usually I prefer making quick decisions, yet when it came to post-university life I struggled to find something inspiring. Like most graduates I hopped on the mental merry-go-round of Careers Fairs, Cover Letters, and Five-Year Plans. Often it felt like I was trying to tick boxes rather than find a genuine match.

That was until a friend recommended I take a look at brand strategy consulting: a cool cocktail of analytical rigour and creative thinking, it seemed a good match for me. After my first interview at TVE, I was certain I wanted to join the company. Throughout the process I was impressed by the Engineers’ diligence, honesty and warmth. They went the extra mile to make me feel welcome and confident that I could perform at my best.

I’m now one month into my time at TVE, and the work has been a blast. I have more responsibility than I would have expected and I really appreciate the confidence everyone has in the Grads to step up to the plate. In such a short time I’ve worked on a major retailer’s store transformation, a restaurant’s new mobile app and researched a drinks company’s latest product.

It’s been an exciting change going from being a 22-year-old retiree to a 23-year-old marketing analyst. Post-retirement life is a lot more fast-paced than I expected; I’m learning something new every day, but I’m enjoying every second and can’t wait for the future!

By: The Value Engineers

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