TVE Travel Outlook 2022

We recently spoke to over 1,000 Brits as well as major airline Icelandair to create the TVE Travel Outlook for 2022. 

Almost half of consumers are desperate for a holiday, a figure which has increased substantially from the beginning of the pandemic. This strong sentiment, coupled with lifting restrictions, is allowing airlines such as Icelandair to recovery quickly after a turbulent two years.

Looking at travel plans for this year shows that, while the world may be opening back up, travellers are still most likely to look to the UK. We also see that younger travellers are mainly driving the travel recovery, with younger adults most likely to be going on holiday.

After an incredibly challenging two years for holidaymakers, marked by restrictions, cancellations, and stifled holiday dreams, it feels as though travel might be returning to some sort of normality. But just what is the new normal, and what is the current state of travel in 2022?

By: John Barnes and Hannah Walters

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