TVE Introduces Amber Williams

I’m not a spontaneous person; I’m a planner. I like to plan my lunch, my holidays, my outfits, my evenings – essentially everything I have autonomy over. So around this time last year, as I stumbled into 2018 in a post-Christmas haze, I realised my graduation was imminent and with it the end of predictable life. It was therefore time that I got my head in gear and started to make my next plan.

Later that month, I came in for my first round of interviews with TVE in their sparkling new London offices, and I knew that this was the place I wanted to work. Until then I’d been toying with the idea of advertising, but I couldn’t get excited about any of the companies I’d interviewed at. With TVE it was a different story – I was immediately struck by the warmth and intelligence of the people around me, and the evident enthusiasm they all had for the work that they did.

4 months in and I haven’t looked back. I was once told that you should judge your job based on 5 criteria: location, pay, people, type of work and challenges faced. For one’s job to satisfy 3 of those criteria is normal, 4 is rare and 5 is virtually unheard of. I feel extraordinarily lucky to say that for me TVE meets all 5.

Working out of our central London office, I feel regularly stretched by the people around me and the exciting range of projects that I work on. In just 4 months I’ve helped a university brand a specialised Engineering course designed for a new type of Engineer, scoped out the market trends in Italian pasta sauces to inform innovation and deep dived into the enigmatic world of electric vehicles to better understand the importance of future fuels, to name only a few.

Being a perpetual planner in a company that aims to drive constant change may seem like a contradiction, but I couldn’t be happier about where I am. May the next 4 months be as exciting and rewarding as the last.

By: Amber

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