TVE Introduces Alice Shinner

The dreaded post-graduation questions set in around Christmas. ‘’What are you going to do with the rest of your life?’’ ‘’Are you going to sell your soul to the city?’’ ‘’What sets you apart from the thousands of other grads applying for the same jobs?’’

The landscape of banking and law posed a dreary prospect.

At the age of 21, no one knows what they want to do (and if they say they do then they’re probably lying). At this age, the best you can do is to single out your strengths and interests, and then run in that general career direction. As a 21 year old, I knew that my degree in Psychological & Behavioural Sciences had ignited a fierce interest in consumer behaviour. I wanted to further scratch the surface of consumer rationale and the mediating emotions in the consumer process. I also knew that I loved brands; their identities, attitudes, and adaptations to consumer trends in a bid to remain relevant and accessible.

These insights, combined with a desire to be in a dynamic, curious, and stimulating environment lead me to TVE.

So, the day before my first of a series of final exams at Cambridge, I decided to interview for an internship. Whilst to my sleep-deprived friends, supervisors and anxious parents this appeared to be mutually assured academic destruction, for me it was an easy risk to take as I had found something truly unique in TVE. At interview it became clear that I had struck gold, finding others who were just as fascinated by the world of branding and behaviours as I was.

I join TVE with a brand consultancy internship already under my belt, from my time at Dragon Rouge. People keep asking me what I expect to get out of this experience, and the honest answer is not a straightforward one, as a myriad of tasks and fields I would love to be exposed to pop into my head. Throughout the mess of enthusiasm however, what keeps springing to mind is the desire to be in a work environment where I can be constantly interested, and interesting.

I have no doubt that this will be proven over the upcoming 8 weeks, and the post-graduation landscape no longer looks dreary at all as I embark on this TVE challenge.

By: The Value Engineers

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