Plastic Free July: Lessons From Ecover

Ecover is a pioneer in environmentally friendly cleaning and helping the everyday consumer live life a little more eco. When looking at life through the #plasticfreejuly lens, they stood out as a brand that has made bold steps and is not afraid to shout about it. So what can we learn from this dirt and ocean plastic-busting brand?

If you’ve got it, flaunt it

Ecover’s recent campaigns show that they want to sing loud & proud about the philosophy behind their products, their packaging, and their way of doing business. With ‘feel good cleaning’ at the heart of recent campaigns, a longstanding and undifferentiated brand has become the one to shout ‘NOT A VIRGIN’ on the London Tube, playfully drawing attention to their post-consumer recycled packaging.

Do you have something exciting in your sustainability credentials that needs shouting about?  

Beyond recycled

Back to that non-virgin plastic: making products out of recycled materials is nothing new, but are consumers getting more savvy about what makes good and bad recycled plastic? Brands are going further and further to show their consumers that they care about how clean their raw materials are. Ecover’s celebration (and education) of the benefits of post-consumer recycled plastic means they’re making the packaging and not just the product differentiated.

What’s the next big thing in eco-friendly packaging, and how can you stay ahead of the curve?


Bottle half full?

If a non-virgin bottle filled with planet-friendly washing up liquid isn’t good enough, Ecover are working hard to make refilling old bottles the norm. With independent zero waste stores popping up all over the country, it might not be long until eco-warriors are looking for almost everything to be packaging-free.

If the future is heading towards refill before re-buy, what can your brand do?

People against plastic: let’s get social

Finally, to tie a bow in the triple win of Ecover’s campaign that makes it good for the planet, good for the brand and last but not least good for the consumer, Ecover are making sure consumers can get in on the feel good clean. With a dominant hashtag (#letsliveclean) and pop up events where you can bring bits of plastic to recycle in exchange for goodies, Ecover is making sure their sustainability efforts and their product’s core philosophy can be easily experienced by their customers.

How could your brand’s sustainability initiative come to life for consumers?

By: The Value Engineers

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