Our values



At The Value Engineers, we believe that we should minimise our impact on the natural world around us. We have been carbon neutral since 2019 and are constantly seeking new ways to improve the protection of our environment, both in the work we do for clients and in the world in which we live.

Our current sustainability policies cover the following three areas:


A green office:

We are committed to minimizing the effects of our office use through various initiatives:

100% of our energy supply for the UK office is from renewable energy sources

In San Francisco we are committed to using energy efficient appliances

Both offices have in place a recycling scheme and seek to minimize waste and where appropriate use products that would otherwise end up in landfill




Green transport:

Transport to and from our offices and as part of our work is unavoidable, but to mitigate any damage, we seek to use forms of transport that are least damaging:

We have in place a cycle to work scheme and encourage car share schemes where appropriate

We seek to minimise our international travel via using teleconferencing and carbon offset our flights




Carbon neutral:

We have been a carbon-neutral company since December 2019 through our membership with the Carbon Club, which offsets carbon emissions through tree planting initiatives in the UK.

In San Francisco, we are seeking to partner with a US-based initiative to offset our carbon footprint through tree planting initiatives

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