Our values

Diversity & Inclusion

How we play our part in shaping a more inclusive world

We believe that a diversity of talent, expertise, lifestyle, and background makes our team richer, brings more valuable perspectives to our work, and ensures we play our part in shaping a more inclusive world.

We welcome anyone who shares these values. Our D&I team works to continuously evolve and improve what diversity looks like at The Value Engineers, and ensures our policies support and promote D&I in everything we do.

On this page, you can learn more about the pillars of our strategy, what we have achieved so far, and the areas of betterment we have identified.

  1. Annual Survey

Each year we survey the global TVE team to understand the state of D&I within our company. The survey collects statistics about who we are, and what is important to us. This provides us with an objective measure of what diversity looks like at TVE, and provides a start point to revise our D&I strategy and align on our priority initiatives.

The survey is fully anonymous, was designed after a thorough review of best practices for diversity data collection and is improved every year as knowledge on the matter evolves. The global data is accessible to all TVE employees and presented to all TVE new joiners as part of their induction.

  1. Equality and Equity

We as a company aim to offer equal opportunities to everyone, regardless of who they are. We know there is always room for improvement, and we constantly review our internal policies and processes to ensure they remain best practices and to ensure we are proactive in improving our working environment.

Additionally, understanding equity in people is to realize and address the fact that not everyone has access to the same opportunities and resources. It is to go beyond basic equality, and essentially level the playing field for people as best we can.

Internships are a key stepping stone on the path to a career, and they are an opportunity that some communities have struggled to access for financial reasons. To address this we are committed to being a Local Living Wage employer to ensure that everyone, no matter their background, can afford to get the experience that is a critical part of building their experience.

Research shows that pay inequality can also be the result of parenthood and we, therefore, offer all our employees an enhanced parental leave policy regardless of gender, to further promote equality of salary and of career progression.

We operate structured salary brands with clear and transparent appraisal criteria ensuring pay equality.

We are Disability Confident Committed Level 1.

Each year we recruit into our entry-level Marketing Analyst role, with the following commitments:

  • We use blind CVs during the evaluation process
  • The application form includes a non-compulsory and fully anonymized diversity survey which enables us to assess how effective our efforts are at diversifying the pool of candidates we attract
  • Candidates who are invited for an assessment in our office have the opportunity to request reasonable adjustments

Besides these commitments, we also constantly review what we do and what we communicate internally. This includes activities such as updating our job specs and feedback forms to ensure they use language that aligns with D&I best practices, as well as aiming for a variety of inclusive activities in our social calendar.

There is always more we can do in our industry to attract a diverse pool of candidates, so we are exploring schemes and partnerships that could help us with that.

The UK government created Kickstart, a scheme that provides funding to employers to create jobs for people aged between 16 and 24 who receive Universal Credit, which we subscribed to.

We are actively looking for more and various initiatives that can help us identify candidates from as broad a range of backgrounds as possible, for both our London and San Francisco offices, and welcome the opportunity to discuss potential partnerships.

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  1. Unconscious Bias Awareness

Unconscious bias affects everyone: it is the implicit beliefs and associations we have about different social and identity groups which are often triggered to make quick judgments and assessments.

Being aware of these unconscious biases is the first step to being able to control them, and prevent them from influencing our judgments and behaviours.

Every member of our staff receives training about Unconscious Bias when joining The Value Engineers and we provide unlimited access to follow-up training on the topic.

  1. External Perceptions

On top of our internal efforts, we also want to signal to the public, prospective employees, and clients, that we are a company that welcomes and champions diversity. We believe in the power of positive storytelling and aim to contribute to celebrating diversity by sharing our values.

We, therefore, ensure that the image and video banks we use in our digital and office tools are representative of the great diversity of the society of which we are a part.

We promote diversity through our participation in key events and the content we share on our website and social channels. Past examples have included Pride, Black History Month, International Women’s Day, International Mother Language Day, Zero Discrimination Day, and there is much more to come.