Covid -19: Our commitment

We at The Value Engineers sincerely hope this finds you, your family and friends safe and healthy. We also want to express our sincere gratitude to essential workers and to all those on the front line dealing with this crisis.

Our overriding objective during the COVID crisis has been to ensure the safety of our employees.

Our team has been working remotely for a number of weeks now, delivering largely uninterrupted services consistent with our commitment to clients to ensure the continuation of business and a high quality of delivery. Our people are showing great resilience, creativity and ingenuity in partnering with clients to find new ways to provide continuity of services. We are proud of our agility and ability switch seamlessly to remote working through the deployment of digital technologies to replace all in-person contact with virtual workshops, meetings, and interviews.

We recognise that these are very challenging times for our people and have ensured that all leaders and managers in our business are sensitive to the pressures this crisis can create for anyone working from home, many of whom are now simultaneously handling a different household dynamic with children and possibly essential workers to care for. Health and well-being is top of mind in relation to ensuring we look after our people whilst delivering services to our clients during this time of great uncertainty. In this context, we have implemented an augmented ‘modus operandi’ in relation to how we manage, communicate, and provide support services across The Value Engineers and the broader Cello Health family during this stressful time.

In our work as expert providers of marketing services we’re proud to be part of a group that is supporting the Scottish Government in the creation of a series of compelling public health campaigns to drive social distancing and self- isolation as well as heightened community spirit and protecting the most vulnerable in our society.  Cello Health is also working with the European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries (EFPIA) to support their activities as they focus on providing world-leading science, people and resources to tackle the Covid-19 outbreak. In the US, Cello Group is preparing a number of submissions to the FDA, known as Emergency Use Authorisations, for the repurposing of facilities or products in the pandemic.  Examples include approval of conversion of a manufacturing facility to make masks and hospital gowns. Globally, we are also currently working to quickly alter programs that heighten our client’s ability to continue to provide access to crucial new treatments and support in areas such as oncology and MS.

Our dynamic working style and our business continuity framework prepared us well for the changes necessitated over the past several weeks; our business continuity team continues to carefully monitor the development of the Covid-19 outbreak and we will continue to adjust as need be to meet our commitments to employee well-being and client business continuity. In addition, we continue to monitor all advice and guidance issued by the Centre for Disease Control, the Department of Health and Social Care, Public Health England and World Health Organisation.

If you have any immediate questions or require any further information, please contact your project team in the first instance.