Lucy, and her first 6 months at The Value Engineers

Last week we held the first round of interviews for our next graduate roles starting in September. Wearing the same trousers I’d worn to my interview at TVE this time a year ago, yet now on the other side of the glass door, it’s hard to remember just how I felt in a time that is marked by a haze of dissertation, final exams, and anticipation of ‘but what next’.

6 months in and instead of friends asking how my latest essay is or ‘have you done the reading’, they now ask ‘what are you up to now’, ‘how’s the working world’, ‘what is brand consulting’, and even – ‘isn’t that the same as audit’? Questions like these make me realise how far I’ve come in a year. Yet summarising what I’ve learnt since starting is far more complex. Off the bat, it’s always great to list the myriad of pioneering, global brands we work with, the changes we’re driving, and the exciting products we’ve helped create that might just hit the shelves.

But that doesn’t begin to scratch the surface of what makes up my experience at TVE. 6 months in, I’ve started to truly feel part of the team – one made up of fantastically intelligent and fun people who support, challenge and motivate me every day. A unique entity who are committed to delivering the best work for our clients; TVE has given me the opportunity to build concepts, develop brand strategies, and most importantly the trust to step up to the task, whatever it might be.

Starting out in an industry that’s perpetually forward focussed, with a company that’s committed to driving change, it’s amazing to take a moment to reflect on everything learned in a short space of time. Bring on the next 6 months – who knows what lies ahead!

By: The Value Engineers

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