From Engineering-Led To Brand-Led

From Engineering-Led To Brand-Led

When BP recognized it needed to change, they turned to The Value Engineers to help them with the challenge of transforming an engineering business to a brand-led marketing business.

This was difficult enough at the corporate level, but the organization understood it would need best-in-class models and processes to help embed this new approach right across the different business units and across the whole world.

Following a global benchmarking exercise, a development workshop amongst the BP Group Marketing team and senior agency representatives optimized a ‘strawman’ model developed by TVE and created the BP Brand Bridge.

This model and supporting processes were bought in at board level and have been cascaded through the organization. It is still BP’s official brand visioning and definition process.

As such, it has been used to define the full range of BP brands (corporate, master, product and service) via interactive workshop sessions amongst senior marketers and management, utilizing peer group reviews and customer and consumer input.

Additionally, it provided a framework to help manage convergence issues and produce rationalization plans for brands with disparate meaning across geographies.

The Brand Bridge is directly linked to the BP communication planning framework and so provides direction to communication strategy and briefing.


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