Brand-led Sustainability

Brands are powerful.

When harnessed correctly, this power can be used to drive impactful positive change:
brands can be a force for good.

“Sustainability” has grown and evolved in meaning over the last decade to encompass a broad range of issues affecting both people and planet. To be sustainable is to be a long-term force for good. With this shift, comes a new-found imperative, and opportunity, for brands. Not only are consumers increasingly expecting and demanding brands to give back to society and make a positive impact, but more & more brands realising that a higher purpose can also help them survive and prosper in the long term.

Our framework

Our framework

The power of the brand lies in its impact. When brands champion a cause they make it consumer-facing, immediate and resonant in a way that corporate-led initiatives can’t, amplifying the message with measurable effect. And not just for the cause itself. We believe that when executed successfully, sustainability can provide the ultimate triple-win: Good for society & environment, good for consumers and, crucially, good for brand.

In other words, sustainability is a key tool in helping a brand deliver on its purpose.

But it’s a perilous road. Mismanaged efforts can undermine credibility and cause long-term damage to a brand. Identifying the right cause to champion lies at the heart of a successful campaign, but with so many worthy causes to support and enemies to fight, championing the right one is a difficult task.

Our framework for sustainability identifies three clear start-points to help our clients champion the right cause for them: wider sustainability issues, consumer targets and brand purpose. This synergistic, rigorous and focussed approach that helps our clients harness the power of their brands to drive positive change.

Our Experience

We are proud to have worked with global clients such as Unilever, SABMiller, Land Securities and many others in helping their brands develop brand-led sustainability programmes and understand what sustainability means for them.

Some of the questions we help with are…

  • What should our brand-led sustainability ambition be and what programme could we champion?
  • How do we bring our brand-led sustainability programme to life across the marketing mix?
  • How can we engage brand teams and provide toolkits and training to help them implement sustainability programmes?
  • What do consumers and Key Opinion Informers think & feel about our sustainability efforts?


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Brands Driving Positive Change

Brands Driving Positive Change

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