Saying you are ‘consumer-centric’ and ‘insight-led’ is one thing, but getting to insights that inspire and deliver value is not always easy. Because The Value Engineers is a brand consultancy, we think differently about insight.

We understand the importance of the consumer and the customer, but unlike many research agencies and other consultancies, we believe they should inspire your decision-making, not dictate it.

Consumer-fed, not consumer-led.

Too many brands are asking the same sorts of questions of the same sorts of customers in the same sorts of ways – and they’re all getting to the same sorts of answers.  We help our clients think differently, getting to new and better solutions.

To the consumer and beyond

To the consumer and beyond

We recognize that consumers are an important source of insight, but insight can also come from within your business, from the market and from future trends, so we don’t always recommend original consumer research, but will take a fresh look at your broader existing marketing intelligence before considering new research.

A lot of so-called insights are neither insightful nor usable. We make it our job to design innovative research methodologies to reveal the data and findings in new ways, but most of all we pride ourselves on our creative analysis skills. We interrogate and challenge the data and findings to uncover new and genuinely powerful insights, all tailored to the needs of your business and your brand.

We develop collaborative working relationships with our clients to help them make insights (from whatever source) core to strategic brand planning and embed insightful thinking within their business culture.

Quantitative Research

Whether you need a brand tracker or dashboard to direct a $1 billion ad spend on a day-by-day basis or the team to dissect your market to find new opportunities which others have missed, find out more about Quantitative Research.


Qualitative Research

We’ve combined semiotics with storytelling, online forums and ethnography; we’re equally happy using existing techniques as we are at inventing new ones. Find out more about Qualitative Research.


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