A big word; an even bigger topic.

What is it that puts ‘innovation’ on the lips of so many organizations in the private, the public and third sectors?

Fundamentally, it comes down to the fact that innovation can deliver the one thing that pretty much every organization craves – and that’s growth.

For commercial organizations, the growth sought is typically of the financial variety – selling more stuff to more people, more of the time and at a better margin, and probably with a swift move to the next rung for the team involved. The public and 3rd sectors typically look for a different type of growth, whether that’s expanding the effectiveness and impact of their activities, achieving greater efficiencies or simply delivering against their objectives better than before.

But it’s still growth that they’re after, and it’s still innovation that can unlock that growth.

Innovation is tricky and there are many hurdles; many points along the path of the innovation process at which failure can occur, so it’s not surprising that simple, easy solutions are appealing.

Embracing the Ambiguity of Innovation.

Embracing the Ambiguity of Innovation.

At The Value Engineers, we believe that to succeed with innovation, the ambiguity of the task in hand has to be embraced. Whole-heartedly and fully. There is no one easy answer.

Some people will tell you that you have to start the innovation process with the consumer.

Others will tell you that without a new technology as your start-point, you don’t stand a chance.

Another group will state that to succeed you need to look to your existing brand(s) as your springboard (and lighthouse) for innovation.

But at The Value Engineers, we see all three – the consumer, technology and the brand – as valid (and in fact essential) start-points for innovation. It’s in embracing – or at least coping – with the ambiguity that these three aspects present that you’re most likely to identify the seams of opportunity and the rewarding growth that they might bring.

Achieving Flexibility within an Innovation Framework

Innovation cannot be a free-for-all. You do need a framework; a process – a means by which you can put some boundaries around the ambiguity of innovation. A means by which you can get from A-B, where A is the need to grow and B is the mechanism that will deliver that growth.

At The Value Engineers, we’re experts at helping organizations not only embrace the ambiguity of innovation, but also make sense of it. We help them create the conditions from which successful innovation can emerge, be that the identification of new categories and business models – white space innovation or the entering of adjacent categories – or indeed boosting share within an existing category; incremental innovation, and everything in between.

Since our foundation in 1986, we’re proud to have helped scores of brands and organizations embrace the ambiguity of innovation and find the growth that they’ve been seeking.

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