Single-minded or narrow-minded?

We live in a sound-bite society with marketers driven to be single-minded. In so doing, they are in real danger that their brands are becoming narrow-minded and are missing out on significant value.

Brands, like people, are unique and complex, yet we still try and sum them up with a single PowerPoint slide. It’s time we kept it complex and, despite what it may sound like, that’s not stupid.

Today’s brands operate in a chaotic world. They need to cross boundaries of category, country and audience. They have to talk about different things to different people, in different ways across different channels.

To help brands do this, we have developed and are using new models and frameworks that differentiate between the long-term brand vision and philosophy and the multiple and shorter-term go-to-market propositions.

The best brands are embracing complexity, not ignoring it. They are not over-simplifying and in doing so they are reaping the benefits of managing multiplicity.

Multiple challenges

We are always helping clients find the best answers to questions like: How do you leverage your brand’s current equity to successfully enter new markets? How do you revitalize an aging brand? How do you manage and structure an expanding portfolio? How do you differentiate our offer against increasing competition?

Over the last 28 years, we have created big global brand “ideas”, restructured masterbrand portfolios, repositioned brands with compelling new propositions and developed brand extension strategies for some of world’s leading brands.

 Who we've worked with

Who we've worked with

We are strategic brand consultants. We engineer value using our expertise in branding, strategy & innovation, underpinned by insight.

We work with major global, international, regional and local brands and have experience in every sector, from FMCG to financial services.

Our expertise in branding includes strategic brand positioning; brand architecture; brand portfolio optimization; brand extension strategies.

We have worked with clients across countries and categories, including: Schroders; Virgin; Unilever; AkzoNobel; the US National Dairy Council; Advent International; BP and Sharwoods