What to look out for at SXSW 2020

We’re now nearly 3 months into 2020, which means it’s time for the first SXSW of the new decade. Ahead of this year’s instalment, we’ve rounded up the talks we’re most excited to see.

Google Ushers in the Third Age of Gaming

Streaming’s taken on music, film and now it has its sights on video games. Google Stadia presents a new challenge as the big three gear up to release their next generation consoles. It will be interesting to hear how Google plans to disrupt the status quo, and given that Jade Raymond helped create one of the top franchises from the past decade, Assassin’s Creed, we’re sure she’ll have exciting plans for Google Stadia’s exclusive content.

A New Frontier: Where Fashion and Tech Collide

Fashion is faster than ever before; great for fashionistas, but not so great for the environment. What can our sartorial maestros do to change this? Tommy Hilfiger himself has some suggestions and he’ll be sharing what he thinks can be done through tech innovation to ensure our favourite fashion brands continue their work while protecting the planet.

OK Boomer, Here’s the MFT on TikTok

I’m no Boomer, but the TikTok movement most definitely has me feeling more like an octogenarian. If, like me, you want to understand just why today’s teenagers can’t keep their thumbs off of the viral video app, this is the talk for you.

How HBO Max Plans to Break Through the Streaming Space

Game of Thrones, the Sopranos, the Wire, the list of elite HBO series would be formidable for any competing network channel, and now they’re set to enter the streaming wars on HBO Max. With the recent announcement of HBO Max’s one-off Friends special, it’s clear that the brand has some tricks up its sleeve, and this will be a great introduction to their strategy to succeed in an already saturated market.

The above is just  a small selection of the amazing talks happening this year (we didn’t even get to talk about 30 years of IMDb, with Founder & CEO Col Needham!) and it’ll be tough to see everything on offer.  In case you miss any of the highlights from this year’s festival, one of our directors, Fleur Horner, will be capturing some of the most interesting moments, so watch this space!

By: The Value Engineers

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