Welcome Sally Moywaywa

How do you know when the opportunity is right? When do you seize the moment and make that big career leap you always wanted to make? These are some of the questions I always asked myself. I am not sure I have all the answers, but this is my experience:

I always wanted to make a big career move, from being behind the desk, coding 40 hours a week to a role that would help me to come out of my shell, be more confident, be challenged, and challenge the system. How could I best use my quant and heavily analytical background to make that much needed shift?

Crossing paths with TVE has given me untold satisfaction in the work I am doing, and I am slowly finding my voice, becoming confident and taking bigger risks. It is not just due to the projects that I have had the privilege to work on, but it is the environment, with the culture that every voice needs to be heard and the warmest, welcoming team always here to help and support.

How did I finally know if this is the right opportunity for me? I am definitely growing and learning while enjoying myself to the fullest. If you ever need a career change, a big break, maybe brand strategy is the way to go and what better place to discover yourself than to join The Value Engineers!

By: Sally Moywaywa

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