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Have you ever had one of those ‘Sliding Doors’ moments, when a small and seemingly inconsequential event alters the trajectory of your life to what you otherwise might have expected?

Back in 2018, what we can all agree genuinely feels like a lifetime ago, I came across TVE for the very first time through a casual conversation with a friend.

At the time I was set on figuring out my ‘what’s next?’, having just finished a degree in Social and Biological Anthropology. Endlessly fascinating, from cultural nuances around identity to the evolution of language, I truly loved every second of it. But deep down I knew that my real interests were rooted in understanding the patterns of change unfolding in the here and now, right outside my doorstep. But like many of my peers, I was convinced that business school would be the answer to all my problems. Whilst it was an incredible, eye-opening experience and an invaluable year, it still felt like something was missing.

So, when I happened upon TVE for a second time later that year, without wanting to sound too dramatic, I couldn’t help but think it was fate.

Discovering TVE proved a real inflection point for me, opening my eyes to the world of brand strategy. It really was the perfect fit, from creativity to critical thinking, insights and innovation, marketing and management. Helping brands to unpack the broader cultural trends that were shaping human experience and the commercial landscape, from emerging technologies to evolving attitudes, whilst challenging the assumptions and behaviours built into everyday life. It was everything I’d been looking for and more.

It may have taken another year and a global pandemic to finally get here, but I couldn’t be happier. A month in, it still feels like a privilege to go to work each day, even if that’s just to my kitchen. Starting a job remotely can be daunting, but the generosity, support and enthusiasm of the TVE team has been unparalleled.

From the projects to the people, I am sure I’ve struck gold. I still have those ‘pinch yourself’ moments where I can’t quite believe just how things have panned out. I’m exactly where I should be and excited to see what the future holds!

By: Lucia Corry

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