Welcome Kara McCartney

Kara McCartney leading The Value Engineers in building brands and driving change. Globally

Kara McCartney is a strategy and innovation leader with a distinctive, holistic approach to building great brands.

Kara’s deep knowledge of brands and people and her independent thinking have helped companies better navigate the rational and emotional factors, driving behavior and business outcomes in today’s mercurial marketplace. For Kara, strategy is the connective tissue of an organization; it must be flexible and strong, caring deeply about consumers, clients and employees while building muscle to seize business opportunities as they emerge.

Paul Gaskell, global CEO of The Value Engineers added “I’m delighted that Kara has joined TVE; she is extremely talented and great fun to work with. She has a strong intuitive feel for our business and is already helping to shape our thinking and approach, not just on core elements of brand and marketing strategy, but also on how we continue to support our team as we grow the business. Kara will be a fantastic asset as we expand our offer and grow our client base in the US, and globally.”

Early in her career, Kara embodied three attributes that set her apart and continue to define her today: Empathy, Originality, and Courage. As an astute listener with insatiable curiosity, Kara always gets to the heart of business challenges, creating positive change. Kara has a way with people – an ability to inspire them to take creative risks and go beyond, grounded on solid research. Working with top strategy consultancies such as Greenberg Strategy, Landor Associates and FutureBrand, Kara has been instrumental in creating growth for these agencies.

Kara joins The Value Engineers at a period of tremendous transition in the world. What has been the status quo is changing and understanding how governments, markets, companies and people are shifting their perspective is more critical now than in recent years. She saw in The Value Engineers the spirit to drive change during these interesting times and decided to join forces.

Kara is tasked with continuing to build TVE’s global enterprise by opening an office in San Francisco, her home of 20 years. Her goal is to leverage her experience in strategy, research and design to build a team that will complement the curious spirit of her European colleagues. She loves to surround herself with really smart people and help them bring their very best ideas to market and is delighted by The Value Engineers’ history of recruiting recent graduates and their intensive and nurturing process of making them market strategy experts.

For further information please contact Kara McCartney or Paul Gaskell

By: The Value Engineers

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