Welcome Frank Chen

I joined The Value Engineers because of their innovative marketing strategies, substantiated by robust qualitative and quantitative research.

Under human behavior and cognitive processes are at the heart of sound market strategy and I’m excited to further develop my skills in these areas. 

Born and raised in Shanghai, I moved to the US for college in Finance and Marketing. The exposure to global culture and international communities ultimately sparked my curiosity to understand how different audience segments behave and make their decisions. This fascination motivated me to pursue a Master’s degree in Behavioral and Decision Sciences at the University of Pennsylvania.

My inquisitive nature has only expanded as I develop new skills to uncover nuanced consumer behaviors to inform marketing strategies that cater to their subconscious needs. My hope is that TVE can help me create a link between my academic skills and my creative and strategic instincts so I can best support our clients’ businesses.

I love to create new things with different ingredients.

In m free time, I find cooking to be an incredibly creative and satisfying activity that allows me to express myself through food. As someone who grew up in China and has a passion for exploring different types of Chinese cuisines and ingredients, I see endless opportunities to showcase my creativity in the kitchen. With my deep understanding of the flavors, textures, and aromas that define Chinese cuisine, I can experiment with new techniques and ingredients to create dishes that are both traditional and innovative. Whether I’m seeking to recreate classic recipes or invent entirely new ones, my creativity can help me unlock the full potential of these valuable ingredients and share my love of food with others.

By: Frank Chen

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