Walk through the world with your eyes open: what’s new in the snacking aisle

Like any brand consultant worth their salt, at The Value Engineers we preach the philosophy of walking through the world with open eyes.

What we mean by this is to practice curiosity, observe the world around you and to constantly be on the hunt for new interesting things. It may not be the case that they are immediately relevant to a challenge you’re working with a client on, or indeed in a sector you’re particularly interested in, but more often than not, a casual wander round the supermarket could reveal a whole host of valuable insights.

I thought I’d share a couple of interesting things in the world of snacking that have caught my eye these past few months, and encourage anyone reading this to practice walking through the world with open eyes!

Kellogg’s Crunchy Nu granola bites: A big brand playing small!

How great to see Kellogg’s leverage their Crunchy Nut brand in a new way; out of the cereal bowl, into the snacking aisle! Their glorious oat granola bites are now available next to the nuts, crisps and fruit snacks, helping the brand stretch into a new occasion (and I suspect capitalising on the trend of snacking on cereal throughout the day!). It’s great to see a brand like Kellogg’s being bold and thinking about what makes its Crunchy Nut brand successful; it just tastes great.

Rhythm 108: a new approach to Swiss confectionery

The Swiss have a long heritage in chocolate, so its refreshing to see a Swiss brand enter the market with a new confectionery proposition. Inspired by the philosophy of ‘slow living’ born out of living in Switzerland, a group of pâtissiers and bakers decided to make a range of delicious baked treats that are all plant-based, natural and wholesome. Their chocolate bars are fab; vegan, organic and naturally high in fibre. The story-telling of their Swiss heritage is an interesting new take on the never-ending vegan snacking trend. Let’s see whether the brand has legs in the long term!

Propercorn Lentil Chips: snacking done properly (minus the corn)

A start-up close to my heart, popcorn brand PROPERCORN have recently branched out into PROPER Chips. Made from lentils, these chips have a “seriously satisfying crunch” and flavours like sriracha and sour cream & chive that pack a punch. Now, they certainly taste good but I have to ask; why chips made from lentils, not corn? It seems the brand prioritised getting the texture and flavour right over hero-ing the core ingredient found in their popcorn. It remains to be seen whether this innovation successfully disrupt the crispy category in a way the brand so successfully did with popcorn, but I hope they do!

By: The Value Engineers

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