TVE’s 2020 Tech Tales

It’s December and 2020’s nearly done – finally! In a year where tech’s played a bigger role than ever in keeping us all connected, we thought it would be good to do a little tech review of the year. Read on to find out what bits of tech got us through 2020.

Fleur, Director

Living with a frustrated PS5 intender: What I wasn’t quite prepared for (and neither was my husband) was that despite knowing how much of a step change PS5 would represent, how much demand there would be. He regretfully didn’t pre-order as I think a little bit of him was worried that I’d veto the purchase but when I encouraged him, it was too late!

High: The genuine joy and excitement not often observed in the grown adult male

Low: Living with someone who is bombarded by hype on every channel who can’t get hold of a console. He sent this edited photo to me last week after waiting in the GAME digital queue for hours. Seems that 2020 continues to be the year of limitations.

Dan, Consultant

Podcasts & the audio streaming wars: Confession: I’m a bit of a podcast fanatic. This meant I was more than frustrated when two of my favourites (The Joe Rogan Experience and 3 Shots of Tequila) signed to Spotify, leaving me podcast less on Apple Music and Podcasts. I was being forced to choose: Apple or Spotify, podcasts or music. With a heavy heart, podcasts and Spotify won the prize that was my monthly subscription.

High: Dave Chappelle and Kanye West finally doing the Joe Rogan Experience – Christmas come early.

Low: I’m now back to listening to Soulection on Soundcloud with ads and no tracklist. It’s a real struggle…


  Joyce, Marketing Manager

Air Pods: At first, I didn’t buy Air Pods because they’re quite pricy. During COVID I started running a lot more and the headphones I had really started to annoy me. But would the Air Pods really stay in my ears on a run? A friend of mine had Air Pods for a while and suggested to just go for it. As soon as I got them I was very pleased with my purchase. I wear them all the time now!

High: My first 10km run with them – they’re so much easier to use when going for a run

Low: People thinking I’m rude because I forget to take them out in stores or outside when people start talking to you

 Rachel, Consultant

Nobsound Mini Bluetooth Power Amplifier: I’m almost embarrassed to say it but my tech highlight of the year has to go to something fairly mundane and simple; a Bluetooth connector to my old Hi-Fi. It’s far from new and exciting tech, but it’s made a pretty substantial difference.

High: I listen to waaay more music now that I have easy access to the good speakers

Low: Taylor Swift’s Folklore has easily topped my Spotify tracks of the year as it’s now my go-to work music

 Ellie, Consultant

Discovering 3D audio: Deep in lockdown no.1, once I had completed Netflix and Disney+, I started to really miss real life entertainment, the main thing being concerts. Listening to live versions of albums helped for a little while, but soon it wasn’t enough. This is when my housemate (clearly feeling the same as me) sent me a link to a 3D audio song. In that moment it was exactly what I needed!

High: It felt like the artist was in the room with me, and so started a binge of 3D audio to get my concert fix in lockdown.

Low: Can’t believe I hadn’t found this sooner


 Simon, Director

PS5: My New PlayStation 5 arrived on launch day and I’m playing like there’s no tomorrow! Super fast, rich graphics, enhanced audio and immersive gameplay – the next generation of consoles is finally here

High: Getting my hands on a PS5

Low: The prevalence of cheaters in online games. It’s frustrating to hear that hackers are still finding ways to cheat in the games. The best idea I heard was to boot them all onto servers with each other, so they can play their way… or maybe I just need to get better!

 James, Head of Analytics

This is a tough one. Either I go for Disney+ (I got it for the MCU and I love it for The Mandalorian, Frozen 2, & Hamilton) or my Wahoo Kickr. I think it’s got to be the Wahoo Kickr.

High: My indoor cycling setup can now simulate the 10%+ gradients in Zwift

Low: My indoor cycling setup can now simulate the 10%+ gradients in Zwift

Adrian, Vice President Business Development

Tag Heuer Connected 2020: Always a wannabe techie (…the real techie in the family is my wife) I recently dipped into the smartwatch arena. I spent hours reviewing blogs/vlogs, reading Wired, and flicking through GQ. What did I really want?  Clearly, it had to be a watch that could be worn in the depths of a heavy gym session, as well as look a million dollars when worn with a suit and tie, so that cut out the Apples, Fitbits, etc. GQ took my fancy – TAGHeuer, Breitling, Hublot – I was in heaven… even if my wallet was crying.  I eventually found a winner – less crying by my wallet, more excited heart beats.

High: Using my new watch in the gym and on a run. And it looks good with a suit……  Happy days

Low: Couldn’t tell you

By: The Value Engineers

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