Some of the best selling branding books written by our consultants

The Marketing Complex examines the current obsession with over-simplification, and fearlessly challenges marketers to consider whether they are blurring the line between simplifying and simplistic. Can being single minded lead you to be narrow minded?

(To be published in September 2017)

A cross between a business book and a storybook, How Coca-Cola Took Over the World is a collection of 101 accessible, enjoyable and informative tales of some of the world’s greatest brands.

“A hugely entertaining and instructive book.”
Matt Close: EVP, Unilever

The Prisoner & the Penguin Marketing tales that bring to life some of the key principles of marketing.

“Giles’ observations are interesting, precise, assertive and funny”
Marcelo Moller Heineken B.V

The Bluffers’ Guide to Marketing combines humour and information into an easy to read introduction to all things marketing from NPD to The Emergency Matrix.
A must read for any aspiring brand manager.