Where are TVE Travelling this Summer?

Lucinda Toole

When a finite holiday allowance meets a holiday wishlist of far-flung destinations, there has to be some careful planning to make the most of a summer holiday. It’s a tough brief to find adventurous areas that allow you to pack in culture, experiences and (most importantly) food without committing half your holiday to travelling and also not spilling over a fortnight away from your inbox. Finding Bali and the Gili Islands as a perfectly sized Indonesian getaway last year, I am embarking on a whistle stop tour round India’s Golden Triangle and Rajasthan this year. I intend to make the most of my 10 days leave, and not let shorter holidays stop me ticking places off my wishlist.

Nick Campbell

This year; I am keeping it local. Off the back of our recent move in to London I am looking forward to weekends spent lying in the various parks across the capital. With holidays booked for Hastings and Edinburgh, I am shunning the outside world for a year and am exploring what the UK has to offer.

Lucy Morgan-Hobbs

Two trips in close succession to Colombia and Mexico in 2017 had me dreaming of my next far away adventure to exotic jungles and white sand beaches. Yet when it came down to juggling friends, family, time and money, planning my next escape wasn’t that simple. So, this year, I’ve opted for short and sweet trips closer to home. From relaxing with friends in a sleepy Turkish fishing village, to a scuba diving trip with family, and surfing & yoga in Cornwall to a girls trip to Ibiza; I may be foregoing a long soul-searching adventure, but I’m determined to squeeze in as many exciting moments as I can this summer.

By: The Value Engineers

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