TVE Introduces Isobel McVey

After studying International Relations at the University of Birmingham, I had thrown myself into a year abroad studying in Australia. On the prospect of my return (still not having found myself, but knowing considerably more about Cabernet Sauvignon), adulthood was fast approaching.

I knew I didn’t want a career in politics or diplomacy (according to my family – I wasn’t diplomatic enough…), but I knew that what fascinated me most was understanding why we buy into ideas, from loyalties to parties and products, and how the relationship between consumer (be that customer or voter) is one built on absolute trust.

I remembered meeting Tom Speed at a networking event, he had spoken to me of the culture at TVE; engaging, rewarding and challenging. It sounded like the most mystical of all beasts –  an enjoyable job.

After this eureka moment, the path ahead was clear. I did my research, applied for the internship and a year later I was back for a graduate position.

People often question the link between International Relations and brand strategy, but to me the connection is clear. Like politics, communicating the value in your ideas is essential. Like politics, for brands there is always a competitor waiting in the wings. And the revitalisation of a brand, be that Cameronian Conservatism or Momentum, is an ongoing part of staying relevant.

When standing at university careers fairs amongst stall after stall of law and financial firms, it can feel hard to find somewhere that values a balance of creativity and analytical skills. Thankfully, I have found a place where my skills and I are valued, and I very much intend to thrive here.

By: The Value Engineers

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