The Great British Staycation: No car? No problem

It’s not new news that young people have an increasingly insatiable appetite for adventure. With their reduced drinking habits, thirst for unique and varied experiences and desire to ‘live their best life’ (at an affordable price), what young people want and expect from their free-time is fundamentally changing.

According to a recent study by Barclays, this ‘selfie generation’ of 25-34 year-olds are more likely than any other age group to spend time in Britain next year. Also, despite the ‘youth’ supposedly being synonymous with screen-time, digital detoxes and escapism are actually key holiday-drivers for young people, many of whom use their weekends to utterly abscond their routines, let alone their holidays.

But it doesn’t stop there. Add in to the mix the fact that young-driver numbers are continuing to plummet, as more and more young people go cool on cars, and we’re faced with a very particular set of travel expectations from a group of very particularly minded people.

So what – if anything – are brands doing to provide for this adventure-hungry, convenience-minded group of young’uns who don’t own cars, but are keen to explore their home turf with friends and family in affordable, convenient yet sustainable ways? What a mouthful… that certainly sounds like a lot to cater for.

Well, one brand making excellent headway is Vespucci Adventures. Vespucci curate a series of walks, rides and mini adventures across the UK, all of which can be easily accessed by train from London. No car, no problem! They are all about mindfulness and how important it is to ‘disconnect to reconnect’ with the world around us. Quote them, “Our walks are the antidote to living in the fast lane. Turn your phone off, unfold your VA map and get ready to savour the beauty of the British countryside”. Sounds pretty on point doesn’t it?

All you have to do is order a Vespucci Adventure pack online (at the very reasonable price of £15 or £20) and make it happen. The pack informs you of suitable train travel, accommodation, picnic places and everything else you need to know to ensure your adventure is seamlessly spectacular.

Anyway, I thought I’d give one a go. Watch my vlog to find out more!

By: Amber

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