Samsung vs Apple: let the games begin

Samsung vs Apple: let the games begin

In a fortnight when most brands are sharing their Christmas adverts, you could be forgiven for having missed this somewhat controversial US ad from Samsung – “Growing Up”.

As Apple began their roll-out of the new iPhone X, Samsung shared their latest commercial aimed at directly challenging the competition; showing an iPhone fan go through many of the malfunctions and issues familiar to Apple users. From using a bowl of rice to dry out the phone post-soaking through, to the newest model’s inability to charge and play music at the same time, Samsung contrasts these faults against the ‘superior’ functions of their newest Galaxy model – depicting the protagonist’s Samsung-wielding friend laughing in delight at the picture she managed to capture despite fully submerging her phone in a lake, the larger screen size, and wireless charging capabilities.

Despite this type of advertisement not being the ‘done thing’ in Britain, and the negative press they may have received for “mocking Apple customers”, this ad from Samsung does something that many tech brands still struggle to do.

Tech brands are often guilty of marketing by listing the capabilities that they believe give them a competitive edge. Apple in recent history has been the brand to transcend this trend, and through doing so have created a somewhat single-minded following of brand loyalists. What Samsung have done here, though, is to pull Apple back from their role as market leader into the competition of ‘my tech is better than your tech’ and directly addressed the differing functionalities. This aggressive form of advertising if anything has not only given consumers a very clear reason to switch, but also wittily tackled head on the halo of cultural capital that keeps many Apple fans so loyal.

It is still to be seen whether Samsung’s dig at Apple will engender a response, but it will be interesting to see if Apple can recover composure when Samsung seems determined to dictate the playing field.

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