From Printers to Memories: How HP hits the mark with their new photo printer

From Printers to Memories: How HP hits the mark with their new photo printer

Let’s face it, printers aren’t exactly exciting.

They exist in the background. They are a staple of office blocks, a thing that someone else deals with and the rest of us pay little attention to, until it breaks and we get inordinately angry. So for a company like HP that largely deals in printers, inks and toners, growing this leg of their business to include new audiences could prove a significant challenge.

Introducing the HP Sprocket. This nifty little gadget is a wireless photo printer that allows users to ‘print photos from your smartphone or tablet as easily as you post them’.

What’s interesting about the Sprocket is how HP use it to raise desire for their brand by telling an aspirational brand story that is not just about printing photos, but about treasuring memories and sharing moments in an instant.

The ability to immediately print digital photos plays to consumers’ interest in the retro and the ‘hipster’ return to tangible physical products, such as vinyl records and using moleskin notebooks rather than phone notes. HP offer an alternative to forking out for a potentially unreliable Polaroid camera that allows consumers the flexibility both to print pictures and easily share them digitally from their smartphone or tablet.

The product’s functional features also serve to support this overall proposition: the printer is portable (about mobile phone size), it comes with an app to help users easily print photos from social media, and consumers can personalise their prints with borders, emojis and more.

Packaging up the printer’s benefits in an overall proposition that is highly emotional, tapping into consumers’ nostalgia for the retro as well as their desire for everything instantly, helps HP’s printing business reach new audiences beyond the office block, driving change for their business moving forward.

Heather Young Heather Young